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3Js offers a delicious variety of choices for any time of day, featuring a full specialty drink menu, breakfast and lunch. We use quality ingredients and locally sourced produce to make every order just the way you want it. With baked oatmeal, quiche,paninis, wraps, soups and salads, and so much more, there's something here for everyone. We also offer a wide variety of Gluten Free.

                                                 Drinks                 Coffee Brewed (hot or iced)                                   Nitro Cold Brew 3.85                                             3-fill 4.                                                                   French Press 4                                                           Pourover 4.5                                                         Aeropress 4                                                                    Café Au Lait 2.4/2.7/3                                                 3J’s Signature Drinks                                            African Rainforest                                                          Belize                                                                           Congo                                                                  Madagascar Mocha                                                  Maui                                                                Nicaragua                                                           Organic Espresso                                              Espresso Solo 1.90 Espresso Doppio 2.10           Espresso Macchiato 2.25/2.50                      Americano 1.90/2.10                                             Latte or Cappuccino 3/3.6/3.9                       Macchiato 3.85/4.4/4.75                                   Mocha 3.45/4.15/4.65                                        Breve 3.85/4.4/4.75                                       Flavored Latte 3.45/4.15/4.65                               Soy or Almond milk Latte 3.45/4.4/4.75           Extras Whipped Cream .60 Steamed Milk .70 Flavor Espresso shot .75                                             Flavors! Hazelnut, peanut butter, root beer, blueberry, peppermint, salted caramel, butter rum, cinnamon, caramel, coconut, peach, raspberry, vanilla                                                                           Hot Classics                                                              Hot Tea (ask to see our tea list)2.25                     Chai Latte 3.90/4.25/4.85                                     Dirty Chai 4.5/4.65/5.25                                   London Fog 4.25                                               Steamer 3.05/3.15/3.75                                         Old Fashioned Cocoa 3.50/3.80/4.20                    Cold Favorites                                                Unsweetened Iced Tea 2                                       peach, blueberry, mango or raspberry tea 3 Lemonade 2                                                          Arnold Palmer 2                                           Sunburned Arnold 3                                            Italian Soda 3 Add cream 3.5                                Iced Chai 4.25/4.85                                               Juice 2 Orange or Cranberry                            Humankind bottled water 2                               Humankind bottled tea 3                                        Frozen 4.80/4.95                                                 Frozen Coffee Vanilla, caramel, mocha                                                                  Cookies and Cream Frozen Coffee                              3J’s Espresso shake Espresso                              Frozen Lemonade                                                    Frozen Chai                                                         Frozen Orange Creamsicle                                   100% Fruit Smoothie Harvest Greem+detox/ Blooming Berry+antioxidants/ Banana+ oat fiber/ Watermelon+electrolytes/ Tropical Harmony+aloe ADD: Peanut Butter with Omega3 $1                   ADD: whipped cream .60                                   Savory Breakfast                                                     3J’s Benedict                                                            Egg Sandwich on ciabatta Add bacon, sausage, ham or capicola (gluten free available)                Crustless Quiche (gluten free available)      Breakfast Flatbread                                       Breakfast Wrap (gluten free available)            Scrambled eggs/bacon/ciabatta toast (gluten free available)                                                       Breakfast Burrito                                               Omelet (gluten free available) Cheese/ 3J 's meat lover/Veggie                                                      Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (gluten free available) Breakfast Pizza(gluten free available)              Cheese /3J 's meat lover /Veggie                         Sweet Breakfast                                                  Baked Oatmeal GF - Add steamed milk              Sweet Cream Pancake (gluten free available)     Plain/ Blueberry/ Chocolate Chip/ Pineapple Upside down                                                                    Sweet Panini(strawberry/cream cheese)            French Toast (gluten free available)                  House made bread pudding –grilled and topped with caramel sauce                                                 Breakfast Sides                                              Breakfast Potatoes                                                Fresh Fruit parfait                                                    Fresh Fruit cup                                                      Bagel                                                                    Wheatberry Toast                                               Gluten Free Toast                                                                        Egg                                                                                 Bacon (3 strips)                                                      Sausage (1 patty)                                                    Lunch                                                                          Panini- served with house cut chips and a pickle (gluten free available)                                      Cheesesteak                                                    Blackened Chicken                                                     Po Boy                                                                        Italian                                                                        Turkey                                                                    Cordon Bleu                                                                Grilled Cheese                                                      Roast Beef                                                                 Vegetarian                                                       Sandwich-on wheatberry bread. Served with house cut chips and a pickle  (gluten free available)      Turkey                                                                       Roast Beef                                                                  Ham                                                                           Grilled Cheese                                                         Tuna Salad                                                         Chicken Salad                                                            Flatbread                                                           Chicken and hummus                                               Chicken and pesto                                               Buffalo chicken                                                        Chicken Quesadilla (gluten free available)                 Add banana rings or jalapeño relish                   House Made Hummus with Pita Points                     Wraps (gluten free available)                          Chicken Tender                                                  Buffalo Chicken                                                       Tuna Salad                                                          Hummus                                                              Turkey Bacon                                                           Hail Caesar                                                         Vegetarian                                                                Chicken Salad                                                            Caesar                                                                            Chop Salad                                                              Spinach and Grilled Chicken                                     Chicken Salad with Fruit                                       Tuna                                                              Southwest                                                                   Sides                                                                    Cheesy potatoes                                                       Chicken tenders                                                       Grilled chicken breast                                           Mango Lime quinoa                                                Fruit cup                                                                 Fruit parfait                    

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